The present Condi.ons are to be applied to all the sale contracts of the Smartworking Course issued by Re-Act for Life to its Clients, as defined above.

The present Conditions exclude the application of other conditions, unless differently agreed upon in wriEen form by Re-Act for Life.

All the orders related to the Smartworking Course will be considered as the Course’s purchase offers from the Client, ruled by the present Conditions.

Re-Act for Life will accept the sales contract and the consequent money transfer from the Association/Charity/Company/Client in accordance with the present Conditions. The Client will have to promptly contact Re-Act for Life in the evidence of errors or anomalies in rela.on to the sales contract. In the contrary, Re-Act for Life will deliver the agreed upon material to the Client, in accordance with the sales contract, which is to be considered binding.

1. Field of Application

1. The present Conditions are to be applied to all the Smartworking Course’s sales contracts from Re-Act for Life to the Clients, as outlined above.
2. The present Conditions exclude the application of other conditions, unless differently agreed upon in wriEen form by Re-Act for Life.


2. Price & Payment

1. The price to be paid by the Client is indicated in the sales contract and on the invoice by Re-Act for Life; Re-Act for Life demands that the payment of € 28,00 is made before the execution of the contract. Re-Act for Life will suspend the delivery/execution of the contract until the receiving of the entire payment of € 8,00. All prices include VAT.
2. Re-Act for Life reserves the right to modify the characteris.cs of the Service indicated in the sales contract, still guaranteeing an equivalent level of functionality and performance.
In any case, the modifica.ons will be promptly communicated to the Client via email.


3. Delivery

1. The date of delivery specified in the sales contract is to be intended as indicative. In the case of missed delivery of the material on behalf of Re-Act for Life – due to unavailability of Product or Service – within 30 days starting from the day after the purchase and payment by the Client, Re-Act for Life will inform the Client in written form, and will refund the amount already paid by the Client, unless the Client accepts, in written form, to receive the delivery on a date beyond the 30 days term.


4. Propriety & Risk

All the material that composes the Course is of exclusive propriety of Re-Act for Life. The videos will be available to the client for 1 year. It follows, under Law 22.04.1941 n. 633 (Copyright Law), the absolute prohibition of commercial use from the Client or third parties, of total or partial reproduction and transmission under any form and in any modality, unless there is the wriEen authorization of Re-Act for Life. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, publish or in any other way use or exploit the material without the previous written consent of Re-Act for Life. The Association/Charity/Company/Client, responsible for the preservation and secrecy of the assigned credentials, and holder, for the subscription to the Course, of the personal and non-transferable right of access to the reserved area, is committed to do not share, nor allow use of, in any case, the services to third parties, refraining from any action that harms the exclusivity and propriety rights of Re-Act for Life; as well as indemnifying Re-Act for Life from any pretense and/or claim derived from the use or abuse of third parties.
In the case of violation of the imposed obligation, the contract will be considered resolved by right, and Re-Act for Life will be free to take legal action for the safeguard of any compromised right, including the compensa.on for the damages suffered. In addition, if a problem of security or unauthorized use is considered existing or highly probable, Re-Act for Life has the right to suspend the use of credentials assigned to the Client.

5. Right of Withdrawal

The Association/Charity/Company/Client accepts, in a conscious and explicit way, to lose any right of withdrawal from the present contract, with the exception of the right of withdrawal under Art. 59, c. 1 lett. a) and o) Legislative Decree 6th September 2005 n. 206 Consumer Code. The Association/Charity/Company/Client, with the purchase of the present Course in the e-learning format, gives consent to the provision of digital contents, with the acceptance and expressed agreement of the fact that this circumstance precludes any right of withdrawal. In addition, the Association/Charity/Company/Client accepts to lose its own right of withdrawal from the present service, since made completely accessible and available to the user through the digital delivery of credentials (username and password).

6. Refunds

If for any reason the user cannot use the purchased service anymore, or if he/she suspends it, postpones it or cancels it, if already validated, it will not be possible to proceed with the money refund.

7. Privacy & Data Protection

The personal data of the Client will be guarded and treated by Re-Act for Life in accordance with the Privacy Law; Re-Act for Life will guarantee an adequate protection with the aim of safeguarding the Client’s personal data.
Re-Act for Life commits to the transparency of the of transactions attributable to the Association/Charity/Company/Client. Where required, Re-Act for Life is available to share, in absolute privacy and under the commitment of non-disclosure, of the bank statements of the total transac.ons with the Course’s sales.
In compliance with the Privacy Law, Re-Act for Life commits to process the acquired persona data, in relation to the contract, respecting the legislation on privacy. The Client can exercise the rights of Privacy Code by sending an email to the email address supplied by Re-Act for Life.