Personal development should not be an obstacle to well-being.
It’s an integral part.

When struggling at life, it’s crucial to change our approach to it.

All of us want to reach daily success and peacefulness.
We believe it’s only possible by improving ourselves constantly.

We help individuals achieve their objectives.
We help them understand how to continue the growth.

In critical moments, small changes make a huge difference.

We show how true success consists in the sweet spot
between personal growth and well-being.

We deeply believe that…

… supporting each other is fundamental for the growth
of our species of living beings.

We share our years of experience in the personal
development industry. In an accessible way.

Our courses are designed to guarantee long-lasting
and effective results.
Helping individuals  become the best versions
of themselves.

Our Values

Growth Mindset

To grow, it’s essential to improve 1% every day.
We help you understand where you want to go, and how to get there.

Mother Nature

Our species belongs to the animal kingdom.
Even though it’s more advanced than most of them.
We depend on our ecosystem.
Let’s treat it well in order to express our potential.


The knowledge we share is based on the most pioneering scientific research.
We make it accessible through our courses.

Unbound Thinking

We don’t accept preconceptions.
We choose to explore new paths, and to create added value where there wasn’t before.

Why so cheap?

Stress from Smartworking hits regardless of age, social class and profession.
To contribute at our best, our priority is to help as many people as possible with our Course.