Re-Act for Life is an online platform dedicated personal development online courses.
Members have access to the purchased course for 12 months starting from the date of purchase.
At the moment, the only course sold is How to Better Smartwork, the first course in the world dedicated to individuals who struggle balancing working life and private life.
Every course can be followed on the platform Re-Act for Life, from anywhere in the globe.
The courses follow the format learning-in-pills.
This is the format research shows to be the most effective for long-lasting learning.
Every course is made of 10-15 video-sessions, with an average length of 4 minutes for each video-session.
In addition to the video-sessions, every member has access to the PDF of every video-session, which resumes practices,key points and takeaways.
On average, a course consists of 11 video-sessions of 4 minutes each, distributed over 11 consecutive days.
It is recommended to follow the order of the sessions as outlined, to guarantee a long-lasting and effective learning.
On average, every video-session lasts 4 minutes.
In order to contribute at our best to the personal growth of individuals, for us at Re-Act for Life it’s crucial to make the courses as affordable as possible.
Our priority is to help, with our courses, the highest number of people possible.
ReAct Culture is a fundraising venture launched by us at Re-Act for Life.
It aims at financially supporting the categories of workers most hit by the pandemic of Covid-19.
Among these categories: actors, musicians, singers, performers, light & sound technicians.
We also support Charities for mental health, like London’s CALM, and some that bring sustainable education to developing countries, like The Unstoppable Foundation.
Thanks to an international network of partnerships, Re-Act for Life donates regularly part of its revenues to these institutions.
In the checkout phase, you can select from the list what Charity/Association you want us to support with a donation of € 2.
You can only support one per purchase.
No! Choosing to donate to a Charity or Association, we put the € 2 of the donation, not you!
No! You can purchase the course without supporting any Charity or Association.
We warmly recommend, though, to support one of them.
In particular because we are the ones putting the € 2!
No, our partnership contracts with Charities and Associations are based on € 2 donations.
If you want to donate more, visit the websites of each Charity or Association.
No, you can follow the course according to your own schedule.
However, in order to guarantee a long-lasting and effective learning, we deeply recommend following the course as outlined in the info.
No, the different video-sessions will unlock according to the advancement of the course. In other words, the first video-session will be available on your profile from Day 1, the second from Day 2, and so on until the end of the course.
You will not be able to interact live with the instructor.
To ask questions, share comments or get in touch, you can write an email to one of the addresses under Contact.
You can find a list of topics covered in a course in the description of the course, and in the Free Intro Video to the course.
You can watch the video-sessions from any device connected to the Internet, from any browser.
In every course, the instructor recommends some practices and exercises in support of your learning.
But they are absolutely not compulsory.
You can re-watch the entire course, at your own pace, per the 12 months after your purchase date.
We warmly recommend you to come back to the sessions at least once a month.
It is not possible to download the video-sessions.
There is no refund policy. Once the purchase is complete, it is not possible to cancel it nor to get a refund.